portfolio party

Meghan reached out to me to assist her with the branding and visual identity for her new project "Portfolio Party" which focuses on professional development for designers in the form of retreats, coaching and courses, all based around the concept that "Being a designer is hard. Professional development should be fun".

"After landing a design job that would allow me to attend a professional development course, workshop or conference every year, I struggled to find meaningful and impactful professional development as a creative. I even joined the Board of my local AIGA chapter to try to rethink what professional development for designers could look like. But instead of organizing a conference or putting together a panel,I realized the old formats and thinking about professional development were broken. So I set out to create experiences that I would willingly pay for out of my own pocket!"
- Meghan Lazier

For this project, I focused my creative efforts into creating a striking and unique visual identity to this project. Inspired by modern + vibrant color palettes, a bold use of typography & the concept that "learning and growing as a designer should be fueled by creativity, fun, purpose and challenge". I created a unique word mark logo, expanded and reduced logos, color palette, visual direction, patterns + icons to get Portfolio Party up and running.


Branding & Identity

Adobe Illustrator & Indesign