daily ui

this was a completely solo project, influenced by studying UI trends and my own experience as a user of many different types of applications. As a designer, I find myself constantly seeking out new applications to replace old ones, where the visual aspect of my user experience can be elevated and through simplicity and clarity, I'm more inclined to spend time using it. Finding applications that are both visually appealing and functional has always been a challenging process, as I often find that while some applications may look nice from the outside, often do not preform at the same level of an established application that has a large team behind it, ensuring the user has the best experience possible. For this project, I tried to create applications that solve both of these problems, looking visually satisfying and functioning in a clear and concise manner a the same time, making for a seamless user experience that I look for when surrounding myself with applications.


UI/Mobile interface

Adobe Illustrator & Sketch