labara bar

labara bar is a concept project, inspired by the myriad of unique brand identities for restaurants and bars in vancouver and all over the world. For this project, I gave myself limited restrictions and set out to begin an identity for somewhere that I would be intrigued to visit, an establishment that exudes an expressive, bold, and edgy attitude, while not taking themselves too seriously. Labara bar is a no-nonsense bar, from which they serve a very straight forward set of cocktails from a high-end but limited bar, with a unique set of snacks to compliment their simple menu.

labara bar's dominant typography is inspired by the traditional grotesque style, modified with angular and sharp forms that pull from blackletter-style type. The bold shade of red is mean to give an intensity to the visual identity, especially when paired with the strong type.


Branding & Identity

Adobe Illustrator + Photoshop