Kōv Skincare

Kov Skincare is an all natural, local skincare line focused on creating skincare products that are both good for our bodies, but even better for our environment. Using sustainable and recyclable packaging, and donating a percentage of their income back to nature, Kov stands out in the saturated skincare market. Much of the inspiration behind the producs, visual design, packaging and social media come from our natural environment. 

Kov Skincare holds a special place in my lineup of design clients, as we’ve worked together for a long time leading up to the launch of their first producs, a hand wash and lotion. Working together with my partner Cody Turple, we built the Kov Skincare brand from the ground up, ideating on all pieces of the business and design over the course of a very exciting year. Visit their website, and take a look at their instagram feed. Since their launch in 2020, we’ve worked with the Kov team to release a clay mask, refill pouches and a sun grown loofah.

2019 - 2023

Branding & Identity


Social Media